Friday, September 1, 2017

Optimized Store Landing Pages Are Crucial to SEO Development and Growing Business

For business owners who serve plenty of local areas, it is vital to have a SEO with the right settings on geographical location. In such scenarios, a SEO that can only serve one local area, most users will be locked out of the products. That is the essence of having a landing page that is custom made to fit into the demands of clients by competing with businesses that rank in the same category. The difference between local and regular SEO lie in the geographical keywords as well as designators implemented by SEO. Through these search results, users are allowed access products depending on their geographical location. This is one way of lowering competition when it comes to top search results. This is because these results will show products that are within the radius of the geographical location.

To answer the question on how brick and mortar stores are vital to improving the user experience, it is vital to know that a local search presence calls for so much in terms of a business profile. With a powerful local search strategy and policy, the business is set to succeed. This is because having a profile on important pages like Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp and Bing Places equal to prosperous businesses. These are instrumental pages that give life to business by providing concrete direction to your business during a search. In essence, these pages play a pivotal role in creating user traffic.

Geographical Information
Just like the listed pages, listing the geographical location of the business is important. Crucial as it is, some businesses do not have the landing pages for every geographical location of the enterprise. This is usually a missed chance for generating revenue by building local search relevance as well as rankings. That is why brick and mortar represent a significant part of most businesses. With the social presence, there is a clear highlight of the vital information as well as a breakdown on the surrounding area. This also gives the business an opportunity to perform better than other locally based businesses sited in directories like the Yelp. As a business proprietor, you do not have control over these pages.

Uses of Landing Pages
By optimizing landing pages, an individual is set to prosper in business. This is because features of a good landing page encourage users to divert their attention to the website. A powerful landing page is precise and concise. It has a psychological effect on the user's intention to purchase. It also helps users to set points in terms of the quality of service delivery. On the other hand, a poorly done landing page is unappealing to users. It also suffers from information overload.

The following points can guide a business owner in optimizing landing pages

The landing pages must maintain same user experience, design as well as the layout across the site. With good alignment, there should be a proper header and footer for navigation.

  • The keywords must be targeted on page titles, Meta descriptions, headers, images as well as body content.
  • Do not stuff the key words. It is crucial to evenly distribute them across the content. Additionally, it is crucial to pen down unique content for every geographical location.
  • Remember to append useful information like 'text to get directions'.
  • Use structured maps to give detailed direction.
  • Include vital information like coupons and sales for the clients to understand the content of the store.

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